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I've been working one on one with PCOS for over 8 years and have had my own health struggle with it too!  I have helped many get to the bottom of their PCOS issues and live more vibrant lives with improved symptoms and even remission!  
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the guidance you need to make lasting changes.

All the important pcos information you need to start feeling better now

  • How & What to eat for PCOS
  • The 3 root causes of pcos (and signs you might have them)
  • Where your symptoms come from
  • The lifestyle changes that help most
  • Video Modules
  • 4 weeks of meal plans & grocery lists
  • Budget friendly

if you're new to learning about PCOS nutrition or need an updated refresher based on the latest research, this is your course. 

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Evidence-Based Nutrition for PCOS Hirsutism

Everything you need to know for a natural approach to PCOS hair growth. 

  • Where PCOS facial hair comes from
  • The 4 Phases of Managing Facial Hair
  • How to metabolize "old" hormones
  • How to slow down your body's creation of excess androgens using functional nutrition principles
  • Video Modules
  • Example meal templates and resources

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bundle & save

The best option for starting your PCOS journey AND managing facial hair- bundle my two most popular courses and save on each!

Get access to both PCOS Foundations and PCOS Facial Hair Freedom including all the bonus and resource material.

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