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Let me help you Find your path forward with pcos. 

Educating about PCOS is my true passion because I have been in your shoes!

Once upon a time I was scouring the internet for good quality information about how to change my diet for PCOS and what steps I could take to improve my symptoms.

That information didn't really exist back then, so I've brought it to life for you!

Whether you're new to PCOS diet, looking to dig deep into the roots of your symptoms, or looking for a like-minded community to share the journey with, I've got a course for you!

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Evidence-Based Nutrition for PCOS Hirsutism

everything you need to know for a natural approach to PCOS hair growth. 

  • Where PCOS facial hair comes from
  • The 4 Phases of Managing Facial Hair
  • How to metabolize "old" hormones
  • How to slow down your body's creation of excess androgens using functional nutrition principles
  • Video Modules
  • Example meal templates and resources

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the guidance you need to make lasting changes.

all the important pcos information you need to start feeling better now

  • How & What to eat for PCOS
  • The 3 root causes of pcos (and signs you might have them)
  • where your symptoms come from
  • the lifestyle changes that help most
  • Video Modules
  • 4 weeks of meal plans & grocery lists
  • *most budget friendly

if you're new to learning about PCOS nutrition or need an updated refresher based on the lastest research, this is your course. 

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get to the root of your pcos. 

My most comprehensive course with everything you've ever wanted to know about PCOS.

  • 12 week self paced course
  • Weekly Video Modules with new PCOS concepts
  • Multi-phase meal plan with recipes
  • Grocery lists & downloadable resources
  • Weekly Homework
  • Deep dives into all 3 PCOS root issues
  • Where your symptoms come from
  • How to modify your diet for your unique PCOS
  • The full picture of PCOS- nutrition, lifestyle, and stress
  • Comprehensive info on supplements & labs
  • How to address food sensitivities
  • Group chat to ask questions

If you're looking for a deeper dive into PCOS- if you're bored with surface level information and really want to learn the science of PCOS and everything I know about how to help and understand it, this is your course. 

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Functional PCOS

A Root Cause Nutrition Course