Are you ready to take back your power from pcos?

Has pcos left you feeling confused and concerned, overwhelmed with too much information and not knowing where to start?

Do you feel like you don't really understand the basics of pcos, let alone the deeper questions?  

Are you wanting to discover your Root Cause and find help that looks at you as a unique individual?

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   Hi!  I'm Amber Fischer, a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist and I have a Master's Degree in Integrative and Functional Nutrition.  I'm also a woman with PCOS. 
  Throughout my time learning about health, fertility, and PCOS through my private practice and personal journey, I've gathered a TON of information.  It's one of my missions in life to help make quality nutrition knowledge both accessible and understandable for those with PCOS.  
   Functional PCOS is my attempt to help educate you about all aspects of PCOS health and show you how to figure out your unique body so that you can make powerful, informed choices about food. 

What is Functional PCOS? 

Functional PCOS is a Nutrition COurse that focuses on Root Causes of PCOS.

I'll teach you all about PCOS- what we know about why it happens, what it's doing to your body and hormones, and how to improve your health through food.

We will talk about some of the major questions I get about PCOS including: How to reduce facial hair, how many carbs to eat,  The best supplements for PCOS, how gut health relates to pcos and lots more!

You'll learn about the different types of PCOS and how to understand your unique blend of types.  There's even a fun quiz to figure out your type combo!

You'll learn about big topics like inflammation, insulin resistance, adrenal health, gut health, estrogen dominance and how they connect to pcos.

You'll Learn how to Eat for 2 stages of Functional Nutrition and address potential food sensitivities and body composition along the way! 

What's Included

•30 modules covering everything from where PCOS comes from to the types to the gut health/hormone connection and more
•8 weeks of meal plans in 2 phases- one to address potential inflammatory foods and one for overall continuing health with PCOS
•Detailed resources sheets on supplements for PCOS, labs for PCOS, weight loss, weight maintenance, fiber, meal planning, sleep, stress reduction and more!
•A constantly updated FAQ that will be updated as questions come in
•Lifetime access
•Guided meditation for PCOS and guidance on how to really improve adrenal health and stress reduction
•Optional messaging support add on through Patreon
•A quiz to help give you an idea of your potential PCOS types
•And more!

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module Overview

This course is right for you if:

•You'd like a more nuanced view of PCOS: You're tired of just being told to lose weight.

•You are intelligent and like to be treated as such:  This course is written to make scientific language as accessible as possible, but it doesn't "dumb down" big concepts. 

•You want to learn about the workings of pcos, not just be told what to do.

•You're self-motivated and ready to make major changes in your lifestyle.  This course will ask a lot of you but I know you can do it!

•You have been struggling to find a deeper understanding of your unique pcos: typical diet strategies like keto or low carb just aren't working for you.

•You are realistic and know that even when you do everything right, there are no miracle cures. 

•you are ready to give nutrition your best shot because you know it plays a big role in your health. 

•You are over 18 years old and in any stage of life, even post menopause! 

This course may not be right for you if: 

Module 1&2  Introduction

Module 3 What is PCOS and Why Do I have it?

Module 4 Is there a cure for PCOS?

Module 5 The Types of PCOS

Module 6 Insulin Resistance and PCOS

Module 7 Inflammation and PCOS

Module 8 Adrenal Health and PCOS

Module 9 What if I'm more than one type?  The pcos vortex

Module 10 Health issues associated with PCOS

Module 11 Estrogen dominance and pcos

Module 12 The priority pyramid & intro to phase 1

Module 13 introduction to gut health

Module 14 Leaky gut and diet

Module 15 intro to phase 2

Module 16 Reintroducing foods the right way

Module 17 eating for the gut

Module 18 eating for the adrenals

Module 19 eating for insulin balance

Module 20 calories and pcos

Module 21 troubleshooting weight loss

Module 22 facial hair and pcos

Module 23 sleep, stress, trauma and exercise

Module 24 labs for pcos

Module 25 supplements for pcos

Module 26 self care and pcos

module 27 guided meditation for pcos

module 28 conclusion

• You have a history of eating disorders or eliminating foods, even briefly, is triggering for your mental health

•You are vegan or vegetarian

•You are currently pregnant or breastfeeding

•You don't have time to devote to cooking most meals at home

•You are looking for a quick fix

•You have other chronic health issues that require dietary restrictions

• You are only interested in losing weight.  This course is not weight focused, though it will likely help you drop some body fat

•You're not interested in learning about PCOS, you more just want someone to tell you exactly what to do. 

•You need more personalized attention and struggle to self-motivate (You might be a better fit for one on one work) 

•You want a more gradual program that takes baby steps.  I ask a lot of you at the beginning and we work toward a more gentle lifelong diet with time.  

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My Story

Functional PCOS will officially Launch
February 22, 2022

Ready to get started?

I have been in your shoes. 

I was diagnosed with PCOS in my early 20s after many years of issues with irregular periods, insulin resistance, weight gain, facial hair, and all the classic symptoms of PCOS. 

Once I had my diagnosis, I was relieved!  Finally, I could start the process of healing.  

Unfortunately, there was little to no information available on how to eat for PCOS online or in books.  The various professionals I saw could only give me a basic idea:  eat less, move more, take birth control was the advice. 

This sparked a thirst for knowledge in me and I spent the next few years voraciously reading anything I could find about PCOS.  There wasn't much, but from it, I developed an idea that food and supplements might be able to heal me. 

Unfortunately, I had little to no idea what I was doing.  Some of the things I tried (like reducing carbohydrates and sugar and getting more activity) were great.  And some things (like taking supplements I didn't understand and going off birth control to try to regulate naturally) not so much. 

I began to be highly interested in nutrition and holistic health.  So much so that I dreamed of becoming a nutrition professional. 

I made a big leap and left my job to pursue a Master's in Nutrition.  Just a month later, I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer.  

My doctor told me it was a result of too much estrogen combined with my irregular periods and PCOS that caused it.  She also said I was incredibly young for this kind of cancer.  I was just 25 years old. 

Further research would show that these kinds of issues associated with PCOS were becoming more common.  The cancer spurred me on to learn as much about PCOS as I could and start helping those who needed help. 

During this time, I began a private practice, first working in weight loss and general nutrition and then specializing in fertility issues, PCOS, and autoimmunity in women.  I was also going through my own fertility journey. 

After seven long years and the help of some great doctors and science, I was able to have my son in 2019 via IVF. 

After my experiences working with many women with PCOS, seeing miracle babies born, seeing cycles regulate and many symptoms resolve, I'm a firm believer that nutrition plays a major role in PCOS. 

I'm also a firm believer that we need to use the tools available to us and there is no shame in seeking support from both integrative practitioners and conventional medicine.  You and your team will discover what's best for you.  I encourage you to keep advocating for yourself, while also keeping an open mind and staying realistic. 

There are no miracle cures for PCOS.  In fact, we don't fully understand the roots of PCOS.  But we can make major improvements with simple changes.  

The field of nutritionists who support PCOS has grown, but in my opinion, the amount of truly quality advice on the internet is still small.  It's my goal to keep spreading awareness and educating as many people as I can. 

If you resonate with my speaking and writing style and my story, I bet we'd be a good fit.  Hopefully Functional PCOS will help you find your path to better health.  

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